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Frequently asked questions

Production/delivery times

From the order is accepted, and we’ve recieved all artwork and audio master,
our production times is within 4-6 weeks.



  • Audio must be mastered specfically for vinyl
  • We recommend using an experienced engineer to master your audio for vinyl. If help needed, let us know and we’ll point you in right directions.
  • 24 bit Wav files, supplied as one file per side along with cue sheet
  • Sample rate 44,1 Hz to 192kHz
  • Compressed audio files like MP3/M4 are not accepted.
  • Length Max 22 min per side for 12″, and max 7 min per side for 7″.



We will archive your stampers, wich means if you are planning repress it will be both cheaper and faster for you.



We require 50% deposit to get your record into production, and the remaining 50% payable before shipping the full run of records for delivery.



We are need to provide a complete list of all records we produce to to NCB. We need an approval for your music before we can start production. Contact NCB ( and choose to press with Coastal Town Records.


  • Artwork files for labels and sleeves, set only to templates and guidelines as provided by Coastal Town unless previously agreed.
  • Needs to be delivered as a PDF in minimum 300dpi with 5 mm bleed.
  • Color room is CMYK and / or spot colors, without color profiles or color management
  • Partial varnish or hot foil or embossing on exact position in 100% with one color in a separate page or file .
  • Without visible cutting lines, folding lines and punching lines, instead – if necessary – cutting and folding marks outside the bleed area – this is also binding for color bars.



All used fonts have to be embedded or converted to paths. Fonts which are delivered by you like Double Byte Fonts, OTF-fonts or Postscript fonts are not employable on every operating system under MAC OSX.


Line and Font sizes

  • The thicknesses of lines have to be not less than 0.15 mm in the positive printing and 0.25 mm in the negative printing
  • Line thickness for hot foil and embossing have to be at 0.35 mm
  • Fonts should have a minimum size of 5pt for positive printing and at least 7pt for negative printing. Please note to use for very fine types our minimum thicknesses



  • Black text and lines should be adjusted to overprint with CMYK backgrounds, for metallic and daylight colors there should be no overprint command
  • In combination, the summary of all colors should not be higher then 280% for the ink coverage
  • For deep black effects of 100% black you should underlayer the black with 50% cyan (100% black and 50% cyan)
  • White fonts on deep black in 1c should consist only of 2 colors, black (+ 50% cyan) not more
  • Please note that we have a dot gain of 15% from the file to the print process. Adjust the contrast high enough for dark 1 color files (at least 15%, for labels or inside-out print up to 20%), this helps to distinguish the individual elements on the print sheet even after printing